BBC-Interview zur Zukunft des Metzgerhandwerks in Deutschland

Mit der BBC habe ich über das Metzgersterben in Deutschland gesprochen und darüber wie LebensmittelhandwerkerInnen in Zukunft ihrer Produkte anbieten und erklären müssen um erfolgreich zu sein.



“People are fed up with scandals and supermarket meat,” Haase says. “They want to spend their money on good food and look for that farm-to-table connection.”

Going forward, he says, butchers will need to find ways to bring this kind of openness to their businesses. Social media, production workshops and other forms of public outreach not only attract customers, they also generate interest in the field among potential new trainees. But if Germany’s butchers are unable to adapt, centuries-old traditions may be at stake.

“These recipes usually aren’t written down in a book somewhere – they’re in people’s heads,” Haase says. “If they give up, we lose so much of our culinary heritage. We are losing all these traditions the moment they close their doors.”