Hi, I'm Hendrik.

I speak, consult and write about the food movement in Germany & Europe, but also knowlegeable about emerging new food cultures and the food-startup scene.

As an expert I'm workshoping with CEOs, farmers and craftmen & -women from small start-ups up to listed companys. As a lecturer I'm present at universities in Germany and abroad.

2015 I co-founded Germany‘s most famous butchery and restaurant start-up Kumpel & Keule in Berlin Kreuzberg, the international Slow Food Youth Movement and the Disco Soup Movement. 

My Book: Crafted Meat

„Beautiful book about the rise of artisanal butchers all over the world. You might think it‘s just a foodie-trend but what it really is, it‘s a way for farmers to sell sustainable raised meat directly.“

Michael Pollan

„We think there should be more activists like Hendrik Haase that are enabling people to learn more about today‘s meat culture. A highly fascinating topic.“

John B. Emerson

My Butchery: Kumpel & Keule

My Activism: The Disco Soup Movement

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